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No matter what your needs, we aim to serve them.
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Aroma Therapy

Let our essential oil blends soothe and relax you while we preform your massage. We have many different scents for you to select from and enjoy.

Deep Tissue Massage

Focusing on deeper muscle fibers, deep tissue massage helps relieve chronic muscle tension. It’s often used by athletes, manual workers, or those with injuries.


Reflexology involves massaging one area of the body to help another. These places are often the feet, hands, and ears of a person. This type of massage must always be done by a specialist as the pressure point hits must be exact in order to achieve any benefits.

Find your center. Find bliss.

About Massage Heights


Our massage therapists of Massage Heights have been in business for 20 years. Though we’ve moved around the state, we’ve found a permanent home in this area. Expanding our specialties over the years and taking on other specialists has allowed us to serve many customers looking for relaxation and relief, no matter the issue.

If you’re looking for the respite you deserve, we invite you visit our building and let us help you get back to feeling right.




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244-A W. 10th Street Phoenix, OR 97535


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